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Electrical Engineering

With the constant need of maintenance and also the required, regular checks within the Electrical Engineering Industry there is a huge need to focus on the wide aspects in this fields ranging from power transfer and power generation to control systems. As in any fast paced environment, experience is the key which is something LGRM has in abundance with our wide range of resources teamed with 20 years of experience within the Commercial and Industrial Industry.

Electrical EngineeringElectrical engineering is the branch of engineering which studies the uses of electricity and electrical equipment and deals with the design, develop and aims to maintain electrical control systems and/or components to their required specifications, focusing on economy, safety, reliability, quality and sustainability.

At LGRM we have worked accross many sectors covering many areas including -

  • Building industry and services.
  • Transportation and Transport Networks.
  • Manufacturing and Construction.
  • Production and Distribution of Power.

LGRM has gained a huge amount of experience over many years and we are usually involved in projects from the concept and detail of the design through to implementation, testing and handover. We are regularly askedto also be involved in maintenance programmes in which we provide regular feedback and "watch over" the systems and make sure they are working at optimum efficiency.

Usual Electrical Engineering tasks for LGRM include -

  • Liaising with clients and contractors to identify customer requirements and designing systems and products to meet the needs which are obtained.
  • Researching suitable solutions and estimating costs and timescales
  • making models and prototypes of products using three-dimensional design software
  • working to British (BS), European (EN) and other standards;
  • liaising with others in the design team
  • attending meetings on site
  • designing and conducting tests and following this up by recording, analysing and interpreting test data to.
  • qualifying the final product or system;
  • servicing and maintaining equipment and also monitoring a product or piece of equiptment in use to improve on future design to make sure it is being used to its best capability.
  • proposing modifications and retesting products to keep systems working at their optimum capacity.
  • preparing product documentation, writing reports and giving presentations
  • monitoring a product in use to improve on future design.

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