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Maintenance Contracts

We take the hassle out of maintenance! Whether you require us for one hour, one day or even one week a month, you can be sure we have a maintenance contract for you. We are happy to discuss your long term requirements and work in partnership with you to maintain safe and reliable electrical systems within your premises. We can provide any individually tailored property maintenance contacts to suit your business needs and budget.

Our building maintenance programs offer a combination of testing, repair and preventative maintenance. With many years of experience in electrical services and our highly skilled electrician teams, we will be proud to be your first choice maintenance contractor. We work with schools, colleges, churches and many other public bodies as well as many various size private businesses requiring a maintenance contract.

MaintenanceThe primary aim of building maintenance contract is to save money long term and avoid unnecessary costs of one off call outs. Not sure what maintenance contract would work for your business? We take customer satisfaction seriously – our electrical contractors will be keen to advise you what options are available, judging from size, profile and type of your premises and condition of your electrical equipment and power systems, so nothing is overlooked in order to give you the most realistic quote for exactly what you need.

It is by our long and successful experience in the electrical service world, that we are able to offer you the best price combined with best knowledge. So a ‘back to basics’ or an ‘all inclusive’ contract or something in the middle – our friendly electrical contractors will make sure you know what works best for you.

The equipment you use everyday is a huge component of your business. We can devise a structured maintenance program that allows you to rest assured that the normal wear and tear of your equipment will not affect your business. It is critical that you stay up to date with the maintenance of your equipment in order to avoid failure and damaging breakdowns.

We have been helping businesses in demanding environments for decades by providing affordable electrical maintenance contracts. From 24-7 support, to a host of other options that are all designed to help you keep your costs down, our electricians and electrical engineers have all the experience and knowledge to provide quality service through our electrical maintenance contract program. Our team also review the contracts for efficiency as often as we agree beforehand with our clients so there is no hidden charges or extras. We like transparency – after all, it is a big part of making electrical servicing business a success.

Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert electricians to discuss how a maintenance contract can work for you.

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